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Dymos Visit in 2014
Dymos Visit in 2014

    More than Two years cooperation with your company, we satisfy your company's product quality .in 2014 we resent a representative to your company to discuss learning, your company's leadership received us, Warmly and detailed explanation us of the technical questions, I believe that our cooperation will be more and more successful!

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2014 VCST procurement director visits our company
2014 VCST procurement director visits our company

    Complete management system and excellent technical quality control ability is the basic requirement of our company to choose the sullpier. Zhongxin forging not only to meet the requirements, and always strive for the best, we establish a very friendly relations of cooperation. 2014, VCST’s procurement director visit Zhongxin forging.

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What is the general use of automotive transmission gears?
Gears are the structural size and material strength to withstand the external load, which requires t
What parts of the processing precision forging process should be noted?
First class technology and equipment, first-class production configuration, is essential for modern
Gear accuracy of which several levels?
Gear accuracy of which several levels:1, gear accuracy is mainly controlled by the gear in the trans

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Affiliated to the Tianchang Tianxiang Group, AnHui ZhongXin S&T CO.,LTD is a technological innovation-oriented enterprise that produces gear blank forgings applied in automo… Details >>

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