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How the development trend of gear reducer

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There is considerable development in the world, and it is closely related to the development of new technology revolution:

First, after the improvement of the reducer with a high level and high performance characteristics. Cylindrical gears are generally applied in the method of quenching and grinding, the bearing capacity can be improved more than four times, the gear reducer itself has small size, low noise, light weight, high efficiency and reliable performance.

Gear reducer is a kind of combination of similar to the building block, the combination of the basic parameters, so the size and specifications are quite neat. Parts in the replacement of the above is also very convenient, this structure is convenient for the expansion of the machine structure and the pattern of the renovation, which is able to organize production and reduce the cost of production.

The form of this machine is multiple, and it can change a variety of styles. This will get rid of the installation of our traditional single base, which can increase the use of the hollow shaft suspension and floating type of supporting base, multi bearing mounting surface and so on.

Since the reform and opening up, our country has never stopped in the industrial production machinery research and technical research, is bound to break the monopoly of foreign countries and China's national industry.

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